Frequently Asked Questions

How do you customize your boxes?

Pack & Co. will print your firm’s logo on the cardboard boxes you purchase. (see example)

How much does it cost to print my firm’s logo on a box?

The cost of printing a firm’s logo onto a box is already included in the current pricing on our website.

How many sides of the box do you print the logo on?

The logo is printed on four sides of the box (excluding the top and bottom).

If my firm has a very detailed logo, how can you be sure it will print clearly on the box?

Yes, we have some of the best printers on the market. We can print your logo clearly without missing a detail. If for any reason there are any problems with your boxes, please email us and we will handle it to the best of our ability.

Can you print my firm’s logo on the tape?

Not at this time but we are looking into it for the future.

What are the packing peanuts made of?

The packing peanuts are made of cornstarch and wheat material that safely dissolves in the sink. To dispose of the foam, put it under water and it will start melting in seconds.​​

What is the tape made of?

Our eco-friendly packaging tape is made of wheat and cornstarch.